Due to a negative Private Credit many consumers are rejected by banks. This also applies to small loans. However, a Swiss loan over 3500 Euro can be applied for. This loan is provided without Private Credit and is available from credit agencies or directly from a foreign bank. Applications are submitted to the lenders online.

Swiss loan over 3500 euros – a installment loan from abroad

Swiss loan over 3500 euros - a installment loan from abroad

A special form of the loan is the credit without Private Credit.Since this credit was formerly only made available by banking companies from Switzerland, he has received the name Swiss credit. Banks providing this loan do not have access to Private Credit, and applicants for this loan must meet other credit requirements.

Since a ruling by the Federal Administrative Court in 2009, banks from Switzerland are no longer allowed to offer debt-free loans in Germany. However, this loan comes from banks in Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.

The Swiss loan of 3500 euros can be applied for in a credit intermediation. However, consumers who prefer this option will have to reckon with increased costs. If a loan transaction is concluded, an additional agency commission is due. However, the Swiss loan can also be requested directly from a bank abroad. This is no longer a problem with the internet today.

Serious credit brokers – that’s what consumers need to be aware of

Serious credit brokers - that

Consumers with negative information about Private Credit have the option to apply for a Swiss loan of more than € 3,500 from a credit intermediary. Credit agencies are financial service providers with a license. By working with domestic and foreign banks, a credit intermediary can offer various loan models. If a consumer applies for a loan without Private Credit, the money always comes from abroad.

The banks do not have access to Private Credit’s data, and for the purposes of the application, the credit bureau provides an online form into which the applicant’s personal details are entered.

Consumers must always pay attention to the seriousness of the financial services provider in their choice of credit intermediation. It should only cost for the loan without Private Credit arise when the loan transaction has been completed. Credit intermediaries who promise a faster disbursement of the loan with the conclusion of insurance or capital contributions do not work reputable. A Swiss loan over 3500 euros is simply secured with the credit requirements of the applicant.

Swiss Credit – Credit Requirements

Swiss Credit - Credit Requirements

For a lending business to be established, a consumer must meet the credit requirements of lending. These requirements vary from lender to lender.

Since a foreign lender can not obtain Private Credit information for a Swiss loan of more than € 3,500, the applicant must show his creditworthiness by other means. For a loan without Private Credit is possible, a residence in the Federal Republic of Germany is necessary.

In addition, the applicant must prove that he has a social insurance obligation. The monthly salary must be well above the respective seizure exemption limit. If you have a fixed-term contract or are in probation, you can not apply for the loan. This also applies to recipients of unemployment benefits or social assistance.

If an applicant is in private bankruptcy, he will also not receive a loan. Those who can not or only partially fulfill the requirements of a credit intermediary will not receive a loan without Private Credit.

Credit without Private Credit – apply directly to the bank

Credit without Private Credit - apply directly to the bank

Since 2009, it is known that it is no longer possible to apply for a loan without Private Credit in Switzerland. Loans without Private Credit have since been made available, for example, by Soulcredit Bank AG from Liechtenstein.

The bank offers the Swiss loan over 3500 Euro, 5000 Euro and 7500 Euro. Other loan amounts are not available. The repayment term for all three loans is always 40 months. The APR is slightly higher than 11 percent for all three loan options. For the application, the Liechtenstein Bank has three different application forms available. These documents can be printed and filled out on the computer at home.

The completed application will be sent to the bank in Liechtenstein. If the applicant fulfills the credit requirements of the bank, the loan can be paid out without Private Credit to the specified checking account.

The loan can also be repaid early to the Liechtensteiner Bank. The payment of a prepayment penalty is waived.

Private Credit free loan – compare different lenders

Private Credit free loan - compare different lenders

If you would like to apply for a Swiss loan of 3500 euros, you can contact a credit agency or a bank abroad. For credit agencies, loans are requested online without Private Credit. It should be a serious company. The bank makes application forms available.

Since no Private Credit can be obtained, the applicant must meet various credit requirements. Consumers must also remember that a loan without Private Credit is always a bit more expensive. The lenders pay for the increased credit risk. A comparison of different loan offers of this kind can therefore be profitable for consumers.