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Thanks to you can apply for an online payday advance with which to get fast money and to do what you want, from a trip, renovate the house or buy yourself a whim but the company does not ask you explanations in which you are going to spend. Like many mini-credit companies, you do not need endorsements and you can get the money instantly in a simple way.

How do loans and credits work in Coastcredit?

How do loans and credits work in Coastcredit?

Coastcredit offers its clients an online form where you can customize your conditions both for money that can range from 50 euros to 500 euros and the term in which you want to return the loan that can go from 1 day to the month.

Once you choose the conditions that you want, you will see the fees that you will have to pay when requesting the money from the fast online mini loan.

When completing this first process of the form you will have to fill in another form with your personal contact information, if you have a job or not, if you are receiving any payment or have other types of bank income and finally the administrative data that all these credit companies carry out. financial

All these data you will see later in the section “My account” where you can rectify or change any information such as the telephone or the medium in which the constant company will communicate with you.

Once the credit is granted, the company will send you an email confirming your request and, through an SMS from the phone, they will also tell you that you have accepted your money request. Once you receive the email where you will see the conditions and terms of use of the loan contract you will have to send signed or respond to the email accepting the contract and its loan conditions. Counter at the time you receive the answer to the acceptance of the mini-credit makes you an income of money in your bank’s current account.

Deadlines for online mini-credit return

The form in which we can return the borrowed money is fast and simple since Coastcredit takes care of almost everything when charging through your debit card that you gave them when making the online form.

If for any problem with the card could not make the payment we would have to pay the fee and return the loan by making a bank transfer or through an income in person at any bank with which we will pay off our debt.

Another formula that Coastcredit facilitates when you return the money is to do it in advance with what you will be able to pay only for the time you have the money in your property, so when you return it in advance you will only pay for the conditions as if you had selected that term from the beginning.

Conditions and extension of the loan with Coastcredit

Coastcredit facilitates the payment to customers who can not meet the payment within the agreed term and help you delay the return of the money by an extension of another 30 days to pay the money you owe. The Coastcredit website provides a section within the platform where you can delay the deadline (button: Request extension), keep in mind that you can only delay and request 3 extensions and also have to pay the fees you have accumulated or will not grant the extension.

Online credit requirements in Coastcredit

Online credit requirements in Coastcredit

Next we will show you the requirements that this company requests from all its clients so that they can grant them the money:

Have a stable source of income and justify it. This source of income can be a payroll, pension or any type of asset that generates money on a regular basis.

Be of legal age and have ID or NIE issued by the government of Spain.

Have a checking account in a bank with a debit card associated with the same bank account.

Have a mobile phone and an email so that the company can communicate with us and get in touch.

Opinions about the loans of Coastcredit

Opinions about the loans of Coastcredit

Regarding the views of Coastcredit, they are favorable in that you do not need to have an endorsement since the credits are unsecured and this is an advantage in a supposed default since you could not be seized with any personal property since there is no guarantee. You can also apply for a loan even if you are on Financial Credit Institutions, since Coastcredit does not cut the loan if you are on these delinquency lists, but you can be negatively valued at the time of granting the money.

It is positively valued the speed of the procedures that are carried out from the internet, so the process of the form is very effective.

The company is concerned about transparency in operations and at all times you will know the fees that you have to pay and what interest you have so that we avoid unpleasant surprises in the long run and at all times we know what we will have to pay for the loan. This information can answer some of the questions asked by some people who are looking for quick money.