Getting credit without a high income is not always easy. Finally, the income level and the security of income are important pillars of the credit check. At this point, we invite you to familiarize yourself with and in greater detail with the problem. The aim is to set the course so that you receive your desired credit.

The most important thing – quickly put in a nutshell

  • Banks may only grant credit if the confirmatory trust test proves secure lending
  • Nevertheless, there is some room for maneuver, which banks recognize as “safe”
  • Check – right now by software – which loan offers are realistic for you
  • For this please apply – without obligation – for your desired credit over the attached comparison

Credit without high income – introductory words

Credit without high income - introductory words

Income is a crucial criterion in the awarding of a loan. Only if this is correct, the bank or the savings bank will get involved in a loan. Finally, the income is needed to repay the loan back to the bank. Most banks therefore have very clear ideas about what a solid income should look like.

So this must come from a permanent employment and lie clearly over the seizure exemption amount. This indicates how much money a consumer is entitled to if he has to submit to a garnishment. This means that only all the money may be seized, which is above the attachment exemption amount. For many consumers, income is a major borrowing challenge.

Even if a regular job is pursued, this does not mean that a high income is available. Because there are many industries and jobs in which only a small fee is paid. This is a very uncomfortable affair for those involved, as the possibilities for a low-income loan are rather limited.

Credit without high income – where to record?

Credit without high income - where to record?

If you want to take out the loan without a noteworthy high income without support and without high costs, then you will be best advised with a consumer credit. You can get this from many traders who like to offer this type of loan as financing or installment. The special thing about a consumer loan is the fact that you do not have to show a high income. The only important thing is that you have a good Private Credit and have revenue that must be at least 450 euros a month.

The traders can be so accommodating because the purchased goods are considered collateral and can be seized if you do not meet their payment obligations. If you have a disposition, you can also withdraw there money, which should perhaps be available quickly and unbureaucratically. This saves you from having to take out a high-income loan and is flexible in your purchases and activities. Keep in mind, however, that the use of the disposable system generates a high effective interest rate.

You should therefore use it only if you can clear the debt quickly and if only very small amounts are needed.

Opportunities – Credit without high income

Opportunities - Credit without high income

If you can not or do not want to take out a consumer loan because you need to have the loan amount free, then you will not have to go around looking for installment loans. However, since these are not awarded when a small income is the basis for borrowing, you will have to seek a second borrower to be able to realize the loan without high income in the act.

When choosing the second borrower, make sure that he / she has a firm and, above all, high income. The Private Credit is secondary to the second borrower if your Private Credit moves in a positive frame.

Therefore, choose the second borrower with great care and see that you do not get into financial difficulties by borrowing. Your credit partner is liable for the same amount of credit as you do and would be asked to pay by the bank or savings bank if you can no longer meet your financial obligations.