For a university student, the costs of maintaining academic commitments can be rather burdensome, and for this reason some credit institutions make available specially dedicated subsidized loans : this is the case, for example, of the Bridge loan created by the Pyrobanking group, one of the more known and active for some time in the credit market, which has now changed its name into Peter Lottery er Lab, whose terms are very similar to those of the old loan, as can be seen in the dedicated page on the official website of the banking group. This is, in effect, a personal loan without a paycheck, offered to young students thanks to the collaboration of the affiliated universities. 

How the Bridge loan works

How the Bridge loan works

With regard to the conditions and characteristics of the Bridge loan, it is possible to speak exclusively here for summary lines, as it is a subsidized loan that is only and exclusively provided to the students considered most deserving, who are selected according to the parameters decided in phase of agreements with the individual university faculties. For this reason it is advisable to request detailed information from the secretariat of your university or in the branch of the nearest bank. It should also be remembered that the Bridge loan does not require any income or capital guarantees unlike normal financing, and this underlines the social significance of such a subsidized loan as well.

In principle, with this loan a university student can obtain up to a maximum of 30 thousand euros to bear all the costs related to his academic career, with an interest rate that is around 3 percent, and an extremely competitive APR, much lower than the average personal loans on the domestic market. Once the requirements of the agreement between Pyrobanking and the single university have been ascertained, the student has available the amount necessary to finance the studies.

Repayment plan

The amount can be used by a student in a single solution or every semester: once the university course has been completed, the student will have 12 months to decide whether to repay the loan obtained in a single solution, or alternatively decide, in agreement with the credit institution, the payment of the sum paid for a maximum of 8 years. During this time the young man will have the opportunity to find a job to repay without worries the capital obtained from the bank when he was a university student.

Web page

The web page on the official website is a very effective tool to receive more details on this offer of Pyrobanking, which has now been renamed For Loan With Loyalty : here you can make the loan request, but you can also discover the affiliated universities with the search button, while in green the reserved area with the login is highlighted. Finally, if you want to receive more detailed information that does not fall in the faq reported in the upper right corner, you can write directly to the email address on the home page of the Pyrobanking Bridge loan.