You too can fulfill the dream on two borders with a cheap motorbike loan from CreditPure. It does not matter if you decide to buy a new bike or to use a good used two-wheeler. Once you have found the new machine, many consumers often ask themselves: how can I best finance the bike cheaply? Often a financing is offered directly to the dealer or you consult the house bank and asks for a loan.

With the CreditPure motorcycle loan you can save yourself the way to the bank. In our credit comparison, you can find the right motorcycle financing with just a few details. You are welcome to get an offer from the local dealer. From a direct conclusion of the credit agreement, we can only advise you! At this point, if you do not compare the motorcycle loan, you may end up paying unnecessary interest. Because in our comparison you will find financing already well below 3.00%. Take advantage of the offer of the dealer and put the cheap online loans from our loan calculator against it. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save on dealer financing with a CreditPure motorcycle.

What needs to be considered when financing a motorcycle?

What needs to be considered when financing a motorcycle?

First and foremost, the bike should be in a condition acceptable to you. With a new motorcycle, the question does not arise. On the other hand, a used car is worth a closer examination. Pay attention to the usual quirks that can occur on the selected motorcycle. If you were able to hack the technical check, the question is about the right online loan. If you want to finance the bike, it’s basically the same process as a car loan or a car financing. Banks seldom have an extra motorcycle loan, but handle such credit transactions under a vehicle finance. For particularly favorable conditions, we advise you for this reason to a special rate installment loan. To do this, select the purpose “Motorcycle” in our loan calculator, so that you can immediately get cheap motorbike loans.

Such offers can be cheaper because banks can use the motorcycle as collateral. Similar to some car loans, banks can also keep the motor vehicle letter (registration certificate II) as a security with a motorcycle loan. Meanwhile, only a few banks choose this route for hedging. Most lenders in our loan comparison do not make this claim and forgive the loans without filing the car letter. If you do not want to deposit with the bank, you can also use loans without earmarking. Such an online loan can also be found in our credit comparison. These loans are at your disposal for free and you can not only finance a motorcycle, but on request also the complete motorcycle equipment and the necessary two-wheeled accessories.

What options do you have for a motorcycle financing?

What options do you have for a motorcycle financing?

1. Motorcycle online installment loan

Whether for a new motorcycle or a used motorcycle, with a CreditPure installment loan, you can finance your dream of two-wheel cheap. With our loan calculator, you have the option of a purpose-bound or purpose-bound motorcycle financing. Some credit providers offer better interest rates on purpose-based financing, in this case the purchase of a motorcycle. For a purpose-based loan, you can use the loan amount for any purchase. In these cases, simply check the conditions in our credit comparison and decide for yourself whether earmarking makes sense for you. With a free-for-use online loan, you can not only finance your motorcycle, but also, as needed, the equipment or accessories.

2. Motorcycle balloon financing

In the case of balloon financing, you have the option of making a down payment or paying off a smaller monthly installment over the term and paying a final installment at the end. Whether this alternative is for you, you have to decide for yourself out of your financial situation. For example, a down payment only reduces the total loan amount and the final installment only leads to small loan installments and a comparatively high final financing rate. If you decide on the final installment for motorcycle balloon financing, you will have only a modest to no repayment monthly and may pay relatively high interest on the remaining debt for most of the term. Unlike a installment loan, where the repayment and interest portion is roughly balanced, you may only pay the interest on balloon funding over the term and only repay the loan at the final installment.

3. Motorcycle three-way financing

The 3-way financing is usually offered only for new motorcycles and this is basically a financing with a closing rate dar. Similar to a balloon financing, the removal of the loan takes place with low monthly installments and at the end of the term, the rest must be redeemed. The difference to motorcycle balloon financing is that at the end of the term either the final installment can be paid and the motorcycle then moves into the ownership of the borrower, or the motorcycle itself goes back to the financier (eg dealer or bank). The buyer has the possibility to use the motorcycle for a certain time with this form of credit and can then finally return it, usually to the manufacturer or authorized dealer. It is then paid for use, similar to a motorcycle leasing, and at the end of the agreed period, the motorcycle can be purchased at the final rate, or you can return the used two-wheeler and opt for a new motorcycle if necessary.

4. Motorcycle Leasing

Do you already know today that you only want to use a motorcycle for a certain time? If so, then the motorbike leasing might be interesting for you. A leasing company then buys your desired motorcycle and you then pay the lessor a monthly “user fee”. Similar to a monthly loan installment, you pay a fixed amount each month for using the motorcycle. When leasing, you can rely on mileage leasing or residual value leasing. In kilometer leasing, you agree in advance on a certain mileage over the entire term, which you can then “proceed”. If you have used more kilometers on the return than was agreed in the contract, you usually have to pay a lump sum to the leasing company for each additional kilometer at the end of the term.

In the case of residual value leasing, an imputed residual value of the motorcycle is set at the end of the term at the conclusion of the contract. It is thus determined how much the motorcycle would still be worth after your use. If the residual value on return corresponds to the current value of the motorcycle, you can simply return it to the lessor. If, on the other hand, you have worn the bike significantly more than expected, eg due to many kilometers or significantly higher wear, then the actual value may no longer correspond to the calculated residual value. In this case, you would have to pay the “lease cap”. This represents the difference between the imputed residual value and the actual residual value.

Save money with a CreditPure on a motorcycle

Save money with a CreditPure on a motorcycle

In the end, how much you can save buying a motorcycle depends entirely on how much you have to pay for the desired motorcycle. Basically, you should not primarily pay attention to how much you can save on financing, but pay attention to negotiating the purchase price as low as possible down. Consider a dealer financing, then you usually have a small margin for discounts. On the other hand, if you make a CreditPure online loan, you can act as a cash payer and push down the purchase price much better, because you are not dependent on the financing of the trader. Because in the end you always only have to finance the purchase price and this can be corrected by discounts significantly down. Before you decide to buy a motorcycle, check our loans in advance in the online loan comparison and then go to the negotiation with the dealer or seller. With a CreditPure motorcycle loan, you can save twice in the end : on the one hand, you save on the low-cost online interest and, moreover, on the lower purchase price, which you can bargain down with a bargain discount.